“I have been doing outreach for nearly 15 years and thought I had seen it all. Last week, I was shocked as we entered a disturbing place where young girls were held captive. We were invited in by the pimp to do HIV testing in one of the makeshift rooms they used for customers. All “Rooms” were made up of a linoleum floor, ceiling and wall. There was no bed, just filthy pillows laying on the floor. It was like something out of a horror film. Sometimes in the darkest of places the only thing we can bring is hope that inspires courage.

The first girl who came to see us sobbed, begging us to help her. She told us her story of abduction and coercion to work in this pit of darkness. We told her as well as the others we met about the Eden program (a ministry of Beyond) and prayed there would be an opportunity for them to escape. Two days later two girls escaped! The one we spoke to first had such courage and drive to escape she risked jumping out the window. They both ran to Eden and we have now returned them safely to their family, at their request.

These women worked in the darkness for months without hope. When Eden enters these dark places, we bring with us God’s light and hope. With hope, the women were inspired to escape.”


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