What are some of the questions or challenges that followers of Jesus might encounter as they seek to go and make disciples of unreached people groups?  The list might include things like:

How do you decide which unreached people group to focus on?  

What do you do when learning a new language is HARD, and you want to give up?  

What about danger, and facing opposition and persecution for the name of Jesus?  

Would you be tempted to abandon the task and return home if your spouse died while serving God?  

Are you preparing to go make disciples among an unreached people group?  Come learn key truths that will help you along your journey.

Do you know someone who is serving among the unreached?  Discover how you can better support them through the challenges they face.

Don’t miss the incredible opportunity to hear one woman’s story as Maggie shares how she and her late husband Jake worked through these kinds of challenges and more as they strived to launch movements of disciples among a cluster of unreached people groups in SE Asia.


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