How are you doing at making disciples? Are you teaching them to obey what Jesus commanded? These are the questions that were asked of my group a few weeks ago, as we participated in a Phase One Training Launch, held by Forefront Experience.

These questions really challenged me. If I answer truthfully, I don’t really know how I am doing at making disciples right now. I work at a Christian Missions organization Monday through Friday. I volunteer at my church in the evenings. I spend time with my friends at a Christian university. All of these are good things, but they do not leave much room for connecting with people who do not yet know Jesus.

Beyond created the Phase One program to help everyday, ordinary Christians begin living out their faith openly and effectively. The goal of Phase One is to equip believers to be confident and competent in making disciples wherever they are, so that when the Lord calls them to the Nations, they will be ready to do what He wants them to do.

Far too often in the American church, we place the responsibility of making disciples on the experts. Although we may not voice this, we sometimes believe that the Great Commission is only for the “professionals”: pastors, missionaries, evangelists, etc. We illustrate this belief when we say things like “I am just not gifted in evangelism or discipleship.” “I don’t know enough about the Bible.” “I don’t want to offend anyone.” All excuses I have made in the past. Yet I cannot back any of them up with Scripture.

I am thankful for the Phase One training because it shows me how to be open about my faith. If the task remaining was left only to Christian “professionals,” Christianity would soon fade away.

It is time for everyday, ordinary Christians to rise up to the task set before them. If we claim that the Gospel is for the whole world, we must believe that the Great Commission is for the whole Church.

Only then will we see Jesus’ name worshipped among every people group.

By Jeremy Bugh, Beyond Recruiter

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