Kam’s grandfather, Sunan, took his position as commune leader very seriously. He worked hard for the people and never charged anyone for the work he did, although other commune leaders did.

Sunan was very ill for a long time but never told anyone. He lived separately from his wife in another room where he slept and had his meals by himself.

Sunan started throwing up blood and could not eat, so they persuaded him to go to the hospital. The doctors said there was nothing they could do for him, but the family took him to another hospital. The doctors did all sorts of tests, gave him medicine, and he felt better. Everyone had been praying for him and his families’ salvation for years, and their prayers became more fervent during his illness.

While the doctors were waiting for the results of blood tests and the MRI, they told the family that they would give him an eight-week supply of medicine and send him home. He was asked to return when all the medicine was finished. After the results arrived they gave him two more weeks’ worth of medicine and sent him home.

Kam said that his granddad was coming home from the hospital on February 22. Terrie asked Kam to stop at her home on their way back from the hospital. Kam was reluctant to do that; he knew that it would be late and driving in the dark would be difficult because the roads to their home were not good.

Somehow, they were able to stop by the house and Terrie listened to them explain the doctor’s report and also looked at the test results and the MRI. She noticed that the medicine the doctors had given Sunan were comfort meds, and they did not expect him to make the two weeks. Terrie shared this with Kam and told her that they needed to tell everyone to prepare for Sunan’s death.

Kam and Terrie shared the Good News. Terrie asked Sunan if he would allow her to pray for him. He said YES! He insisted on standing, but Terrie asked him to remain seated.

Terrie stood between Sunan and his wife and placed her hands on their heads (she have never done that before). They prayed, gave the Gospel message, asked the Lord to protect them and bring them closer to HIM. They prayed for healing, for the BLOOD of Jesus to flow over Sunan and for their hearts to be opened to receive Jesus.

Time went by and Terrie continued praying for Sunan.  Sometimes in the middle of the night Terrie woke up to pray for Sunan.

On March 2nd, Sunan passed away. He was 79 years old. Kam left immediately to help his family, and everyone else followed the next day.

When at the home of his parents, Kam reported that with all that was going on, he did not call Terrie to pass on a message from Sunan. The family was all together when his grandfather told Kam to call Terrie and tell her that “Buddha was a good teacher but he believed that Jesus was God”. When Terrie heard this her heart was so full that tears rolled down her face. Sunan’s whole family heard him say that he believed in Jesus.

Kam also said that when his grandfather got home he told everyone that Terrie had prayed for him, and when she put her hands on the top of his head something inside of him was released. He said he felt good except for the pain in his back — the cancer had spread to his back with a big tumor pressing on his spine and other places in his internal organs.

After telling Kam to call Terrie, Sunan told his son to make a coffin for him and gave them directions on how to make the cement vault where he was to lay.

He also told his wife that he didn’t want to listen to religious music and that no incense was to be burned—Terrie believes the Holy Spirit had spoken to Sunan.


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