Asam is a former Muslim believer and follower of Jesus living out his faith in his Muslim community.

It was close to harvest season, and the field corn was getting ready for the harvest. Asam cared for a field of corn along with others in the community that care for the fields surrounding his. The community had been having problems with rats eating all the corn the closer it got to harvest time.

They continued to physically guard the crops attempting to ward off the rats—an impossible task given the adamant resourcefulness of these creatures. Asam decided, as it got to the day before harvest, that he would walk around his area and pray to Isa-al-Masih (Jesus the Messiah) and ask Him to protect his crops for the harvest that was happening the next day.

When the neighborhood woke up the following morning, they found that the rats had beaten them to the harvest. Every field except for Asam’s plot which was located in the middle of the rest of them had been devored by rats. Asam’s field was not only untouched by the rats, but two of the rats were found dead in his field!

Jesus had answered Asam’s prayers and saved his crops.  Asam’s obedience to do what Jesus was telling him to do had resulted in his continued faith. It also made him stand out as a God-fearing witness and as a true Follower of Isa-al-,Masih in his community.

Pray for the many Muslim believers and followers in this part of the world who are bravely living out their faith. Pray that Jesus will show Himself to these precious people through Bible stories, miracles and dreams!

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