Soriah sat on our back porch for a break, or so Rose assumed. She worked two days a week to help with the daily needs of running a nearby household.

Rose saw that she was fighting back tears. After she called out to Soriah, Rose saw that indeed there was something big brewing.

Through stifled cries, Soriah told Rose, outside the earshot of Rose’s temporary American guests, that she was struck by the way the man was trying to read.

This man and his wife, work in Hong Kong and they love the Lord. This particular morning of their visit he was reading his Bible on a tablet. The unusual part came when he read aloud. Five years ago he had suffered a stroke—the effects could still be observed.

There he was, struggling to read the Word of God out loud in English, so he could focus his stroke-scarred mind.  And there was Soriah, having heard him read, with no knowledge of what book he held. Yet, she described what she had just heard spoken as (puisi) “poetry”.

Soriah is a SaSumBi Muslim woman with whom Rose goes through the Discovery Bible Study stories.

Rose invited her two American friends to join Soriah and herself for the next story. They walked through the whole process, with Rose coaching Soriah to facilitate the simple eight step process of Discovery Bible Study questions.

How could one not be shaken by the incredible reminders of the utter potency of the Word of God, in concert with the power of the Holy Spirit to convict men of sin, righteousness, and judgment?

This process of Disciple Making Movements is really that simple.


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