As a team in Cambodia were preparing to return to the States, they met with the members of a team they had been coaching in reproducing discipleship in recent months.

They were filled with joy over this new season God had brought them into of learning from His Word, listening to what the Holy Spirit asks them to do, and then doing it.

One of the paradigm shifts made in the last few months came from their observation of “households” coming to faith in the Bible. Since then, they had been actively searching for groups of people who have an affinity or common interest to come together and learn about God.

A group of university students with a love for dance came together, and in addition to participating in a dance class, they began studying a series of lessons from Creation to Christ. They learned how to better care for each other, and keep each other accountable. They also learned about who God is, their own human condition, and how to obey Him.

Together, this group made a decision to follow Christ and were baptized this past weekend!

Join us in praying for the following:

  • They remain strong in their faith as they pass on all that they have learned to others.
  • That they will continue to be guided by and obedient to God.
  • That they will boldly live their new lives in Christ publicly and without fear.
  • That they will go and make disciples as Jesus commanded.
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