At Beyond we use Discovery Bible studies as a building block of Disciple-making movements. Groups studying the Bible are encouraged to not just read the stories in the Bible but to obey and apply what they read. Discovery Bible study, we believe, is a great way for the Holy Spirit to guide people as they read, listen for His voice and find a way to apply what they have learned to their lives.

This process makes the seemingly “arduous” task of sharing the Gospel, simple and easy to do. No longer a task reserved for the experts, people learn that sharing the Gospel is simply sharing and reading of stories that go from Creation to Christ’s redemptive plan through the cross and salvation. It was during a Discovery Bible study that the story below took place.

Our worker, Linda writes: I love the story one of our partners shared with us, they were going through the story of creation with five Muslim couples.

While discussing the story of creation and the story of Adam and Eve, one of the women looked at her husband and said, “One Eve! Not four Eves, God created one Eve!” It amazes me that God is dealing with issues like polygamy on the second Bible story that they have ever done.

Pray for the people in the Southern Philippines, that God will use our workers in the field there to continue to have conversations that will challenge and convict, resulting in transformed lives.

You can watch our worker tell the story here:

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