A few years ago, Alan, one of our workers overseas was asked to be the leader of an existing Bible study group. He humbly declined saying, “I can’t be your leader but I can teach your group how to study the Bible yourselves, and let the Holy Spirit teach you, using the Discovery Bible Study method.” The group really wanted a teacher but finally agreed to the Discovery Bible Study method.

They learned quickly to ask discovery questions themselves, and how to feed themselves from the word. It seemed they enjoyed this process. Alan taught them how to become disciples who produce disciples, that reproduce disciples. A few months later, Alan had to go back to the U.S. for the summer.

When he returned, he met with the group once more, but then heard nothing from them again. He later discovered that they had found someone else who was willing to teach them from the Bible, and he was doing so in Chinese. While this isn’t bad, Alan knew relying on someone else would not help them reproduce and multiply disciples.

Then a few months ago, Alan received this message from one of the group members:“I have good news for you. The way you have shared with me to discover the Bible is very popular in my fellowship at church. People said those questions make them think deeply and carefully. Now I am going to lead everybody for a few times more. Then they can start leading our fellowship this way. Thank you very much for sharing such a treasure with me.”

Pray that more will continue to be obedient and will keep planting seeds, knowing and understanding that the growth and flourishing of those seeds is the work of the Holy Spirit.

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