We are sad to announce the passing of Dr. Virginia Connally. We and all of Heaven rejoice at the homecoming of our dear sister who was deeply passionate about missions.

Dr. Virginia Connally was well known as a pioneering physician and woman of faith. When she began medical school in 1933, she was one of only three female students. After her graduation, she became the first female physician in Abilene, Texas when she opened her office there in 1940. She became the first female president of the Taylor-Jones County Medical Society in 1948, chairman of staff at St. Ann Hospital in 1958, chief of staff of Hendrick Memorial Hospital in 1960. Thanks to her and others like her, nearly 40% of Texas physicians are now female.

Dr. Connally’s forward-thinking insights have led her to generous investments in cutting edge projects that have made a significant difference in education, charitable work, and missionary efforts. She continued investing in Beyond’s CPM training missionaries to facilitate rapidly-multiplying church planting movements. As a result of this training, Beyond has seen a half million baptized believers in the last six years, along with 57,000 churches launched.

This exceptional woman of faith and her unflagging devotion to the work of God is a model for many. Beyond was pleased to award her with its first ever Global Impact Award in 2012 in thanks for a significant life that has resulted in blessing for hundreds of thousands of people.


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