Hospitality is an important—almost central—part of Islamic culture. Offering kindness and generosity to guests is considered a duty that one owes to God. Therefore, many Muslims believe that to honor and welcome a guest is to honor and welcome God.

Hospitality is expressed in different ways in different cultures, but throughout the Islamic world it is characterized by generosity and self-sacrifice. No matter how little one might have, it is a point of honor to share it with guests.

What does hospitality looks like among Muslim people groups? Food, of course, plays a significant role. Even during the month of Ramadan, when fasting is the focus, the feasting that happens after sunset each day is sumptuous and shared freely. Hospitality brings people together. It invites us to talk with one another and grow in spiritual understanding both as individuals and as a group.

During the month of Ramadan, we ask you to prayerfully consider how you can share the Gospel with your Muslims friends and neighbors. Watch the video below to learn how you can have spiritual conversations with Muslims.

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