Globally, the influence of digital media is growing rapidly. The impact of media among Hindus is no exception. The Hindu consumers of media come with many different faces but their worldview is being shaped one video, one post, one advertisement at a time.

Like 95 percent of South Indian households, Rita’s family has a TV. It is on almost all day. Rita most enjoys the soap opera depicting the plight of a young daughter-in-law, much like herself, and her struggles in the home and society. Inspired by the blessings that the TV characters receive when celebrating the Hindu festivals, Rita aspires to also celebrate all the festivals enthusiastically.

Deepak and his family live outside of South Asia, but they still gather weekly with their friends for a time of devotion, which includes watching a video recording of their guru (spiritual instructor), who lives in India and gives his sermons in Hindi.

Seven-year-old Chotu indulges in hours of watching cartoons each day. He has many shows woven around Hindu deities and mythology to choose from. His favorite is the child version of Krishna.

Between her smartphone, laptop and TV, Asha spends at least five hours a day glued to one screen or another. She recently watched a Bollywood film in which the lead character faces many setbacks. At the climax of the film he resolves all the problems by taking his own life. Asha wonders to herself if she should do the same.

Vijay, at a critical crossroad in his life, happened to be surfing channels on the TV and came across a Christian message. He had tried many different religious paths, but not this one. He listened intently and heard of God’s love and grace. He called the helpline and requested prayer and immediately saw the Living God answer those prayers. Now Vijay and his whole family follow Jesus and call many others in their community to do the same.

PRAY THAT the Creator of the universe would be creatively represented in the Hindu world by Christ-following actors, directors, writers and influencers. (Mark 16:15)

PRAY THAT the Hindu world will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God through TV, YouTube, Facebook, websites, etc. (Habakkuk 2:14)


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