One of the most famous stories from the Hindu scriptures is the Ramayana. It’s a heroic story of the exiled king, Ram, and his wife, Sita, who are incarnations of the gods. One day, the demon king Ravan kidnaps Sita. Then Ram and his brother courageously battle Ravan to rescue Sita. Upon their victorious return, people of the kingdom leave lamps on their doorsteps to light the path and welcome home their king. This lighting of the lamps is still practiced today during the festival of Diwali. Hindus love these epic stories and learn them from a young age.

Followers of Jesus love stories too, and the Bible is one great story of a sacrificial King, keeping His promises to rescue His beloved people from the grips of the evil one and to bring them home to His kingdom of eternal life. If we learn to retell stories from the Bible, we will have a powerful tool to communicate the Word of God with our Hindu friends and neighbors.

Manju, an Indian man, started coming to church functions but found it difficult to connect with the Bible. One day, two believers visited his home and shared with him the story of the Prodigal Son. Manju then effortlessly retold the story in his own words. The believers asked a few simple questions, and he naturally reflected on what people are like, and the loving God who longs for His children to come back to Him. One of the believers continued to meet with him and learned that in Manju’s dreams, a dark figure would come and sit on his chest. The believer shared the story of Jesus freeing the demon-possessed man (Mark 5). Manju came to see Jesus as the One who had power over demons and could give him freedom.


PRAY THAT Christ-followers who love and treasure the stories in the Bible (Psalm 19:8–10) will learn to share them intentionally  and naturally with Hindu peoples.

PRAY THAT Hindus will come to know God the Father of our Lord Jesus, as HiStory (His Story) of salvation.

PRAY THAT through these stories many will become wise for salvation through faith in Jesus.
(2 Timothy 3:15)

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