Perched on the western tip of India is the small, but spiritually significant, city of Dwarka. Despite having a population of fewer than 50,000, it is both one of the four Char Dham and one of the Sapta Puri (seven most sacred pilgrimage centers for Hindus). Early every morning, people gather along the ghats (stairs) leading down to the meeting point of the Gomti River and the Arabian Ocean. There they seek to wash away their sins or to perform elaborate rituals guided by Hindu priests to find peace for the souls of deceased relatives.

At the center of the city, rising seven stories high and dominating the skyline, is the beautifully-ornate, hand-carved Dwarkadish Temple. Dedicated to Krishna, Hindus believe that this was the center of his earthly kingdom. Every year, tens of thousands of people make a pilgrimage to this temple. Many will travel for days and nights to catch a glimpse of the idol, hoping to have their prayers heard or their vows fulfilled.

There is a clear calling on the city as a place of divine encounter and worship, but at this point that calling has been twisted and obscured. We believe that one day people will travel to the city prepared to meet not with Krishna, but with the God who is alive, who is real and who loves them; and that the blessings they receive in Dwarka will be carried home with them, bringing transformation throughout the country and new life to many.

Also, because of its spiritual significance, there is a high percentage of Brahmins (the priestly caste) living in the city. We hope and pray that these priests will experience God calling out to them, just as He did to Samuel, and that they would respond to His voice, and rise up into their true destiny and calling as people who hear from God and lead others into freedom and joy.


PRAY THAT this western-most corner of India will be a gateway for a movement of God’s grace to flow deep and wide.

PRAY FOR more laborers to be sent to this region, to sow seeds and reap the great harvest awaiting. (Matthew 9:37–38)

PRAY THAT Dwarka and its many priests will be hosts of God’s presence and love, leading many pilgrims into an encounter with the living God.


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