Yash, a Hindu background follower of Christ, says: “As a member of the Hindu diaspora living outside of India for several generations, this has been one of the most relevant and comforting Scriptures for my life. In an era where religious and cultural differences are acute, strained, and often highlighted through popular media, these verses remind me that I am not an outsider. I was conceived in God’s heart for such a time as this. Although my forefathers came to Canada searching for better economic opportunities and political/social stability, the main reason I find myself in Canada in 2019 is that I would seek and find Him.

“Millions of others from the Hindu world have emigrated with various motives. Very few realize that God has decided where they should live so that perhaps they would search for Him and find Him.”

About Yash

When Yash was nine years old, his family fled from the Fiji Islands to Canada. Coming from a priestly Hindu family, Yash became exceedingly religious at a young age.

When at university, Yash met a Christ-follower classmate named Mark. Though they often debated about religion, Mark’s relentless love captivated Yash’s attention. As Yash opened up about the deep traumas and hurts in his life, Mark led him to pray to Jesus. At that moment, Yash received supernatural healing and peace from God … but he still wasn’t ready to commit his life to Jesus as the only way.

Mark persevered in prayer and asked his church to pray for Yash too. On a spiritual journey to India, Yash had another supernatural, personal encounter with Jesus that changed his life forever. Now Yash shares the love and message of Christ in culturally relevant ways to local Hindu and Sikh communities in Canada.


PRAY THAT God would grant the Hindu diaspora a hunger for Him. (Psalm 63:1)

PRAY THAT Christ-followers would intentionally share the love of Christ with Hindus living around them. (Philippians 2:3–5)

Source: worldchristian.com

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