Asha was a  22-year-old, high-caste, Brahmin, Hindu girl. Stephany, having newly arrived in India, studied Hindi with Asha for two hours every day. About six months into their studies together, Stephany spoke Hindi confidently in general conversation but lacked the spiritual vocabulary she needed to have the deep, meaningful, God-focused conversations that she longed to have with people around her.

Stephany decided to start reading Bible stories with Asha and ask her questions about the vocabulary and meaning of the stories as they went along. She found a book of 27 stories that covered creation through to Christ’s final return. Accompanying each story was a specially-crafted, henna* design to be drawn on the hand.

After each story they would discuss what they had learned about God, what they had learned about man, and if there was any sin or positive example in the story. Somewhere around story 18, they read about Peter walking on water towards Jesus. When Stephany asked Asha about what sin she observed in this story, Asha replied that Peter sinned because he didn’t put his full faith in Jesus. Then she paused thoughtfully and pronounced, “I need to put my full faith in Jesus also.” Stephany was shocked! As they continued to discuss this, it became clear that Asha was ready to live her life for Jesus and not for any other gods.

Shortly after, Asha was baptized in front of her entire high-caste Hindu family. Five years later, she continues to follow Jesus faithfully, despite persecution from family and neighbors. She has also shared with many relatives and community members about the hope she has in Christ alone. To God be the glory!


PRAY FOR women like Asha to stand firm in their faith and boldly share with their surrounding community. (Ephesians 6:10–18)

PRAY FOR inspiration for believers to use other beautiful Indian art forms to share the good news and disciple new believers.

PRAY FOR cross-cultural Indian ministers and evangelists, that they would learn to communicate the good news effectively. (1 Corinthians 9:22)


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