A multi-ethnic church in a half-South-Asian neighborhood in the United States decided to have a summer backyard Bible club for children. Each week featured a different Bible story. In addition to the storytelling, there were related games, crafts, activities and snacks.

The first week’s story told how God created the world and everything in it. Because the children came from families with different religious traditions (a few different Hindu sects, Jain, Muslim, and Christian), the Bible club leaders were intentional in explaining that they worshiped God the Creator.

For one activity that week, the children drew pictures of each day of the creation story. For the seventh day, the Bible club leaders had simply said, “God rested.” (Genesis 2:2) The children from Hindu and Jain families drew sleeping faces. The gods these children worshiped slept every day. They had to let the gods at their homes sleep at certain times, and then wake them up by ringing bells at other times. When the families went to temples, they had to ring bells before they started their prayer ceremonies to get the gods’ attention. So, these children assumed that God the Creator also slept.

The Bible club leaders had not expected this misunderstanding. They knew they had to clear things up. After a brief, prayerful discussion, they read to the children from Psalm 121: “My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth … he who keeps you will not slumber.” They explained that God the Creator is always awake to watch over us. Then they also explained that when God the Creator rested on the seventh day, He was enjoying His creation and celebrating what He had done.

This experience led to the church hosting an annual “Creation festival” at the beginning of summer—to honor God the Creator and to enjoy His work with Him.


PRAY THAT all Hindu families will have the opportunity to learn about the God who never sleeps. (Matthew 19:14)

PRAY THAT when Christ-followers pray in the name of Jesus with their Hindu friends, neighbors, classmates, and co-workers, God will answer so that people will know He is God. (1 Kings 18:20–39)

PRAY THAT Hindu children would recognize God’s eternal power throughout the day.
(Romans 1:20)

Source: worldchristian.com

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