Set up a one-time donation from your checking account

Why? Donations from checking accounts are processed securely through the ACH system. The fees involved are significantly lower, so more of your donation goes to the work.

If this is your first time giving to Beyond via a checking account, banking regulations require a secure verification of the account numbers. Here's what will happen:

  1. You will fill out the following form, providing your information.
  2. We will enter your information securely in our processing system.
  3. If you are a first-time giver via ACH, then we have to validate your banking account. Stripe, our donation processor, will deposit two small amounts (both under $1.00) into your account - these two amounts are a kind of "PIN" or Personal Identification Number.
  4. Once you see these amounts on your banking statement or in your online banking report, email the two amounts to We don't know the amounts - only you can see them. This verifies to the bank and Stripe that you have given us permission to set up this donation.
  5. Once we receive the amounts, we will enter them in our system, which verifies your authorization, and then proceed to accept the gift.

We apologize for the small inconvenience of this process, but it ensures the security of your account. Please be sure to look for the amounts, and email them to!

Enter your information on the form below, and our accounting department will handle setting up the gift. If you have further questions please email

For general use

For a special project

For a specific worker

You only need to provide the rest of this information if you are a first-time donor to Beyond