THE VISION: To fulfill in our lifetime Jesus’ command in Matthew 24:14 to make disciples of all nations (ethne).

THE INJUSTICE: More than 2 Billion people-almost 30% of the world’s population – have yet to hear the good news of who Jesus is and what he did for them.  Access to the Gospel: DENIED.

THE GAP: Traditional church planting and church growth strategies are not keeping up with population growth in any country of the world.  For every $100,000 spent worldwide on traditional mission efforts, nine new people become Jesus followers. In the USA only three people come to Christ for every $100,000 spent in outreach efforts.

THE GOOD NEWS: In the past twenty years God has been raising up believers around the world who are training ordinary disciples to make disciples who then form simple churches which reproduce and plant other simple churches. Such an approach is producing tremendous fruit all over the world but especially in areas which have previously not responded to traditional church. As ordinary disciples make disciples and plant churches individual lives are being changed and whole communities are being TRANSFORMED.

EVERY PEOPLE, EVERY PLACE: BEYOND is making a difference in places where Jesus has never been known. Every People, Every Place funds the Gospel going where it has never been- including training/coaching for our workers and their national partners, launching new teams among least reached people groups and collaborating with regional partners to make sure every people group has a Church Planting Movement catalyst team among them by 2025.

BEYOND’s Board has given a $10,000 Challenge Gift!  LET’S MATCH IT!  With another Matching Grant BEYOND currently has, this means that each dollar donated to BEYOND’s Every People, Every Place on September 19 will be quadrupled!

Beyond and worldwide partners have plans to equip and launch Church Planting/Book of Acts catalyst teams to every Unreached People and place by the year 2025.  YOU can play a part in changing lives and whole communities.

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