Nugget Training: The Original Social Network

How to Reach Groups and Families with the Gospel

TUESDAY, March 26 2019 | 7:00pm – 8:30pm (CST)


Discover key biblical principles which are often overlooked in missions, but are critical to reaching entire communities and societies with the gospel. Instead of simply discipling individuals, in this Nugget you will learn how to empower families to reach other families/groups with the Gospel. This approach avoids pulling individuals away from their families which can alienate and antagonize whole communities against the Gospel. It also leverages the power of groups to rapidly spread the Gospel through existing relationships. Let’s explore together how families came to faith in the early New Testament church and how they are coming to faith today.


Phase 1 Equipping

Phase 1  is an excellent way to “try it out”: to see disciple making movement (DMM) principles modeled and learn by doing.

Beyond is offering an Online Phase 1 Equipping Cohort that will meet on Tuesdays from January 15 – May 14, 2019 Online Phase 1 – video conference call at 7:00 PM (CST)

Those attending Phase 1 are required to participate in Nugget Trainings which will provide DMM content.

Nuggets: FREE ONLINE Training

Nugget Trainings are FREE and happen online. Through a Discovery Bible Study method attendees learn how to share the gospel with friends, coworkers and family.

Trainings happen every other week and we cover a range of topics from whose job it is to draw people to Jesus to having spiritual conversations with Muslims. Want to learn how to become a disciple like the disciples in the New Testament?  If you answered yes, this training is for you.