Helping Others Uncover their Dreams and Callings

Thursday, April 2, 2020 | 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (CDT)

What is missions mobilization, and what role can you play in it? Ralph Winter, the founder of the US Center for World Mission, once said “it could be more strategic to stay and send 100 missionaries than to go yourself.” But for this to be true, you have to be intentional about actually mobilizing future goers. So how can you do your part in mobilizing workers to the nations?

In this online event, Beyond’s Director of Recruiting will discuss how and why any Christian can help in the mobilization of the church. While there is a place for a “professional mobilizer,” anyone with a love for God and passion for reaching the unreached can serve as an effective mobilizer! Join us online to hear practical tips on mobilizing the people around you to become missionaries.


Biblical Paradigms for Leadership

Thursday, April 16, 2020 | 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM (CDT)

Church Planting Movements focus on developing leaders who can reproduce themselves. So what would it take for us to develop movement leaders in a way that can easily multiply? In the American Church, we often value an individual’s qualifications rather than godly character. But what is most important to the reproduction of churches?

Movement leaders are looking for people who are obedient and faithful to Jesus’ commands. While certain leadership skills may be important and helpful, Scripture focuses more on staying connected to the vine. By being in tune with the Father, disciples of Jesus are able to lead Christ’s church effectively.

In this Nugget, we will look at what the Bible has to say about leadership. We’ll examine the teachings of the New Testament, and discuss how these biblical paradigms for leadership compare to the way we tend to view leadership in the west.

Phase 1 Equipping

Phase 1  is an excellent way to “try it out”: to see disciple making movement (DMM) principles modeled and learn by doing. This fall Beyond will be offering a Phase 1 Training. Watch this space for more information and how to register.

Nuggets: FREE ONLINE Training

Nugget Trainings are FREE and happen online. Trainings happen every other week, during which we cover a range of topics from whose job it is to draw people to Jesus to having spiritual conversations with Muslims. 

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