Jesus commands us to make disciples of all people groups, but most of us are not entirely sure where to begin. Beyond can help!
Phase 1 training is an excellent way to “try it out”: to see disciple making movement (DMM) principles modeled and learn by doing.

Since more than 2 Billion people around the world are cut off from accessing the Good News about Jesus, Beyond focuses on launching movements of disciples among the unreached. These movements multiply disciples far beyond what we could reach any other way, bringing transformation to individuals, families and whole communities. To accomplish this, Beyond is totally committed to equipping believers to be effective disciple makers who can be used by God to launch more movements of disciples in some of the hardest places in the world.

Beyond offers an in-person Phase 1 training, or can connect you with trusted partners who offer local Phase 1 Training. Here’s some of what you can expect:

DISCOVER: Key principles from the Bible and learn how Jesus made disciples
INVEST: Time among people far from Jesus, looking for people of peace and seeking to help households/groups discover who Jesus is from God’s Word together. The focus will be on your own sphere of influence, but also on people from countries/cultures with many unreached people groups.
PRAY: On your own and with other Phase 1 participants. No movement has started without extraordinary prayer!

REQUIREMENTS: Obedient follower of Jesus,
Committed to being a disciple who makes disciples
Minimum weekly commitment of 6 hours for 4 months. Scale back other engagements to prioritize time to really focus on making disciples


EXPERIENCE: Accountability, Encouragement and Role Modeling with a small Cohort that is learning and applying these biblical principles together.


After successful completion of Phase 1, participants are encouraged to move to Phase 2 where they will learn the language and culture of an Unreached People Group while being mentored in Disciple Making Movement principles in that context.

Start dates and hours vary by location. Suitable for both students or people who work full-time. On-site Locations include South East Asia, Dallas, TX, North West Arkansas, Minneapolis and more.

For those that can’t relocate to an in-person Phase 1 hub city, you can begin an online disciple making movement (DMM) training. The online group would miss out on the in-person interaction that Phase 1 offers but participants in the online DMM training will be encouraged to get a group of friends to join you as you implement the principles you will be taught with friends.


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