Phase 1 Training

Get hands-on experience making disciple-making disciples.

Jesus commands us to make disciples of all people groups, but most of us are not entirely sure where to begin. Beyond can help!

Phase 1 training is an excellent way to “try it out”: to see disciple making movement principles modeled and learn by doing.

Beyond offers Phase 1 training in Dallas, TX, each semester.  Here’s some of what you can expect:

  • Discover: Key principles from the Bible and learn how Jesus made disciples
  • Invest:  Time among people far from Jesus, looking for people of peace and seeking to start households/groups in discovering who Jesus is.  The main focus will be on people from countries/cultures with many unreached people groups
  • Pray: On your own and with other Phase 1 participants.  No movement has started without extraordinary prayer!
  • Experience: A weekend intensive followed by alternating weeks of training by example in the harvest and training in the Word in small groups.



  • Obedient follower of Jesus, committed to being disciples who makes disciples
  • 2-5 month commitment
  • Cover your own expenses through employment or ministry partners
  • Minimum weekly commitment of 6 hours
  • Set aside other engagements to give yourself time to really focus on making disciples
  • After completing Phase 1, participants are invited to move to Phase 2 where they will learn the language and culture of an Unreached People Group.
  • Start dates and hours vary by location. Suitable for both students or people who work full-time
  • On-site Locations include South East Asia, Malaysia, Nepal, Dallas, TX, and more

If you are ready to make disciples and join us for Phase 1 Training, 

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