Virginia Connally World Fund – 104th Birthday Gift

Dear Family and Friends who are so loved,

To my special friends who ask what I would like for my 104th birthday, my answer is for you to join me in making the world a better place by taking Jesus’ word to people who haven’t heard it, and to help the sick, poor, orphaned and widowed. 

If this is a gift you would like to give and have multiplied, BEYOND is the organization to whom I will entrust that gift. They have a proven track record of multiplying disciples and equipping leaders who help change the lives of the poor and needy – and whole communities in places where the Good News of Jesus has never been. See Virginia’s video interview here!

I was moved last year when 103 people each gave me $1 for my 103rd birthday. I prayed and am excited by what would happen if at least 104 people each gave $1 or $100 or $1000. Donate here.

Thank you for 104 years of love!


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